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Q: How is a septic system’s leach field size determined?

A: Though every county has their requirements, in Yolo County, it is based on the soil type and the number of bedrooms. Please contact us for additional information.

How far does the septic tank and leach field need to be from the property lines and well based off of Yolo County specifications?

A: The septic tank and leach field need to be fifty feet from the property line. In regards to the well, a leach field needs to be a hundred feet away and the septic tank needs to be fifty feet.

What can I do if the only possible location for the leach field is too close to the property line?

A: Sometimes it is possible to get a variance from the county.  E. John Gwerder & Sons can always help you with this process.

Q: I am buying a piece of bare property to build my new home.  What kind of services can you provide for me?   

A: E. John Gwerder & Sons can install culverts and temporary construction entrances along with building pads. While we construct the building pad we can also provide compaction testing and reports. E. John Gwerder & Sons installs numerous gravel or paved roads and driveways, underground utilities and septic systems. To top off all the construction, E. John Gwerder & Sons can complete the project with any finish grading making your site look pristine. We provide complete site development – just give us a call and let us know ALL of your needs.

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