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Cogbill Irrigation

Irrigation well tie into main irrigation line


Cogbill Irrigation well tie in – Woodland, CA Yolo County
Type or Service: 
Woodland, CA Yolo County
Materials Used: 
8" steel pipe and fittings, 8" PVC pipe and fittings, water meter, water filter assembly, water pressure regulating valve, butterfly valves, gate valves
Installation of steel and PVC pipe and fittings to connect the new irrigation well to the existing PVC irrigation line
* Excavated and exposed the existing irrigation line.
* Welded miscellaneous pipe , fittings, and flanges.
* Installed the water meter, water filter assembly, water pressure regulator and valves.
* Connected the new steel irrigation pipe to the existing PVC irrigation pipe.
* Pressure tested the new irrigation well pipe tie in assembly for leaks.
* Backfilled and graded off the site.
 Project Duration:
4 days
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