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Costello Reservoir, dam, roads, drainage project

Gravel road around finished resivoir filling with water
Dam under construction for resivoir
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Costello Reservoir, Dam, Roads & Drainage in Capay Valley, Yolo County.
Type or Service: 
Reservoir, culvert crossings, roads/driveways, storm water, drainage, finish grading 
Brooks, CA in Yolo County
Materials Used: 
3/4" road base gravel, 10", 12" & 24" ADS plastic double wall culvert pipe, ¾ crushed rock, straw waddles
Construct a reservoir that is approx. 5 acre feet by constructing an earthen dam that is approx. 60' wide at the base, 12' to 16' high, and 300' long.  Install multiple culverts to direct water to the reservoir.  Install a glory hole pipe through the dam for overflow.  Construct a spillway on the side bank for the reservoir.  Construct and grade miscellaneous roads on the property and around the reservoir.  Import, place, grade and compact ¾ road base gravel on all of the roads.
* Met with the owner at the site to help them determine the best location for the reservoir
* Excavated a keyway 3' deep by 30' wide by the length of the base of the dam
* Placed and compacted the excavated material in the keyway area
* Excavated material out of the reservoir site to generate the material for the earthen dam
* Placed, compacted, and graded the material to construct the earthen dam
* Excavated a trench through the dam for the glory hole overflow pipe
* Installed the glory hole overflow pipe and backfilled and compacted the trench over the pipe
* Graded and graveled the road around the reservoir and across the dam.
Project Duration:
30 days

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