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Deterding Building Pad

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Deterding Building Pad, Esparto, CA Yolo County
Type or Service: 
Building pads, house pads, finish grading
Esparto, CA Yolo County
Materials Used: 
Existing dirt/ soil excavated from site
Excavated an area 70' x 100'x 4' and compacted excavated material back for a building pad
* Met with the owner to determine the location of the new building site
* Laid out the corners of the building pad
* Excavated the material (dirt/soil) from the area to a depth of 4' below the existing grade.  Loaded the dirt/soil into dump trucks and dumped off site into a stockpile.
* Scafired the bottom of the excavation.  Moisture conditioned the dirt/soil with water.  Recompacted the bottom of the excavation with a sheepsfoot padded compactor.  Had compaction testing done.
* Reloaded the stockpiled dirt/soil into dump trucks and transported back to the building pad site.  Moisture conditioned the dirt/soil and spread with a skip loader.  Compacted with a sheepsfoot padded compactor back to the existing grade.  Had compaction testing done on each 2' lift.
* Finish graded the building pad area using a skip loader with a scraper box attachment to within five tenths of one inch using laser equipment
Project Duration:
3 days

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