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Nichols Park, Standard Gravity Flow Septic System

Standard  gravity flow leach line trench excavation
Standard  gravity flow leach line trench with gravel and pipe being installed
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Nichols Park, Standard Gravity Flow Septic System ,Yolo County
Type or Service:
Septic System
Capay Valley, Guinda CA Yolo County
Materials Used:
1500 gallon concrete septic tank, distribution boxes, 3" ABS pipe, 3" perforated pipe, 1.5" double washed drain rock, C-45 NW fabric
Installation of a standard gravity flow septic system with a 1500 gallon septic tank and 200 lineal feet of leach line.
* Met with the owner to determine the appropriate size and location for the new septic system.
* Obtained a permit from the County Environmental Health Department.
* Excavated the hole for the septic tank.
* Installed the 1500 gallon septic tank.
* Excavated the trench for the distribution boxes.
* Installed the distribution boxes.
* Excavated the trenches for the leach lines.
* Installed the leach lines.
* Had the septic system inspected by the county.
* Backfilled and graded off the site.
Project Duration:
2 days

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