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Plainfield Street Residential House Demolition

Before house demo
During house demo
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Plainfield Street Residential House Demolition in Esparto, CA Yolo County 
Type or Service: 
Esparto, CA  Yolo County
Materials Used:
Description:  Demo a 1,800 square foot residential house with a detached carport and storage shed.  Haul off and dispose of the construction debris.  Pull up the concrete slab and foundation and haul it to the recycle yard.
* Secured the demolition permit.
* Performed testing on the structure for hazardous materials.
* Disconnected the water, sewer, gas, electricity and the phone from the house.
* Had the pre-demolition measurement inspection done by a county building inspector.
* Demoed the house, carport, and the storage shed with a track excavator using water for dust control.
* Loaded the debris into highside end dumps.  Hauled off and disposed of the debris at Biomas Energy Plant.
* Broke up and removed the concrete slab and foundation.  Loaded the concrete into semi end dumps and hauled off to the recycle yard.
* Had the completed demolition inspection done by the county building inspector.
* Graded off the lot.
Project Duration: 
3 days

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