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John Gwerder has installed 2 pressure dose septic systems and one conventional system for our residence and business. He is conscientious, professional, and believes in giving his client the best possible job regardless of the size. John and his crew have prepared building pads for our barns and guest house, cut in driveways and graded pastures and repaired and currently maintains approximately 1 mile of private roadway for our family and our neighbors. He is a master at calculating grades and always has suggestions to improve upon a design and save money if possible. He has been extremely fair with his pricing and is a true man of his word. When he tells you he is going to do something and shakes your hand, it is as good as done.


Julie Stasinowsky

Civil Engineer

Cornerstone Construction Consultants, Inc.


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To Whom It May Concern:

E. John Gwerder has preformed construction work on our property at Brooks, California over a period of several years. The work has included road construction and finishing, building a dam and the repair of several others, creation of water tank installations and a septic system and other projects that have required attention from time to time. All of this has been accomplished in a workman-like manner and finished on or before the target date for completion.

The crews involved were competent, knew their jobs and preformed them efficiently. Those that I observed needed little supervision, as it was apparent that they were well trained and experienced. Overall, we were well satisfied with Gwerder’s work and intend to use his company in the future. I have recommended him to several others and, would be pleased to answer any inquiries a prospective client of his might have.


Very truly yours,

Joseph V. Costello, Jr.



The Burnum Family

John Gwerder was hired by us in spring of 2009 to fix a failed septic system. The first thing John did was to re-grade the yard for proper drainage. John and his crew added another separate septic tank and had to dig 6 additional leach lines to help the system work. John put in a pressure dose system because of the poor soil in our yard.

He was timely in completing the project and was personable as well. He explained the system and how it will work as well as giving us ideas of how to help deter future problems from occurring. The work he did for our home was exceptional and it has continued to function just as he planned. We are beyond pleased with John not only for fixing the problem that another company created but also because he was such a pleasant person to work with. My children fell in love with John and still talk about him to this day. They kept calling him “The Hero John Gwerder” because of the fact we had so many problems before his work then he swooped in and fixed all.

We would recommend John and his crew to anyone as his work was superb!
The Burnum Family 
Arbuckle., CA.
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Harbison-Mahony-Higgins Builders, Inc.

Since starting our first project at the Cache Creek Casino resort in 1996, Harbison-Mahony-Higgins Builders, Inc. has enjoyed a long standing and successful relationship with John Gwerder.

As project Executive in charge of construction on site since 1998, I have personally worked with John on many occasions over these many years and have come to know him as an honest, hard-working man of the highest character. Despite the reams of contracts and forms we threw his way, what really matters to John is that a man’s word is his word. A handshake is as good as any contract when it comes to dealing with John.

No matter how large or small the project, John always gives it his all, often providing services above and beyond the scope originally envisioned. In scheduling work with John, he has always started when he said he would and finished on time or before the target date. There were no excuses on his part, ever. If weather turned bad and threatened to hinder progress, John was proactive to come up with creative ways to mitigate the delays beyond his control. I remember placing a call to John on a Sunday morning to help with a site flooding emergency. He was here with his crew in an hour with a “can-do” attitude that helped to avert a potential disaster - that’s something that I will never forget.

In regards to his work, one of John’s most admirable traits is the level of personal practical experience he brings to his profession. John is not just a manager; he’s a hands-on professional that knows the equipment, materials, means and methods of his trade. He deals with you in a straight forward and ethical manner and is always fair in what he asks for in return.

Recognizing the hard times we have all experienced, things have slowed down over the past year. We are hoping, however, to be ramping up with more work as the weather and economy improves. Whether fortune hands us work large or small, it will be certain that John Gwerder will find himself a part of our endeavors.


Harbison-Mahony-Higgins Builders, Inc.

John M. Stout
Project Executve

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